BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK, so ...

Yeah, more Job Stalking ... you were just dying for it, right?

Haven't heard back from the phone interview gal, spent a day trying to get writing samples off to her (which I think I mentioned) ... hopefully the "not hearing" isn't being "blown off".

My meeting yesterday with the agency gal went well, they're wanting to have me work on some aspects of a couple of pitches that they're doing, and if they get both pieces of business, she indicated that the odds were pretty good that I could be brought on full-time. It's still a "woulda coulda" situation, obviously, but I'm at least excited to have the project work.

I've been off networking like a madman, on Tuesday I went to an afternoon event, organized by ChicagoNow's own The Local Tourist for her project with her singer/guitar-player boyfriend. At this I ran into another gal that I'd know from various events, and she invited me to attend "The Big Ooga" networker that evening. Wednesday was mainly spent with Daughter #1's birthday stuff, but yesterday I was potentially triple booked in the evening (I'd RSVP'd to two of three events), all within about a mile of each other up and down Dearborn! I'd intended to get to a couple of these, but I'd gone down to the Loop for that afternoon meeting, and pretty much just hung out (took my current reading and my netbook), and by the time 5pm rolled around, I opted to just go to the TechThursday event up at OfficePort (the other was a karaoke event at a bar, and the non-RSVP'd was a seminar up at the Google offices). That ended up being something of a bust, as most of the folks there weren't "networking" and I did not get a single card (although I talked to an assortment of folks I'd met previously).

This afternoon I'm off for Navy Pier for a TweetUp that ConciergePreferred is running as part of the opening of the Winter Wonderfest ... which is supposedly featuring "Liveblogging and Tweeting" in an "Online Press Room" ... we'll see how that goes!

Anyway, clicky-clicky on the graphic ... and any RT action would be appreciated.

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