BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Something interesting from that Hoagland piece ...

OK ... so a lot of people are having big yuks mocking that Hoagland piece I posted earlier ... ... admittedly, the "grand conspiracy" model of Hoagland & Co. is a bit hard to swallow unless you've familiarized yourself with their sources (and, frankly, most people wouldn't take the time, since has VAST amounts of referenced materials that they link to as well as present in their archives). But one thing caught my eye (I'm only about 10% though this new posting, myself), which deals with the Templars - Masons- U.S. "lineage" (which I, perhaps, find more plausible than most) that offers up yet another reason why the rabid dogs of the Islamic world (no, not the "peace-loving Muslims of Oprah's spin ... the BAD guys!) might not like us so much:

"America could easily be viewed (especially by any fanatic followers of Islam) as the literal embodiment of their oldest enemy of Allah … a literal, infidel “Knights Templar State.” "

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