BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Breaker, breaker ... can you hear me?

Why, yes you CAN ... or at least the podcast of my radio interview this morning on WGN-AM's "ChicagoNow" show! Click on the screen capture over there ===> for the links and all.

It was sort of cool to be in the studio of a major radio outlet. I was on the radio all through college ("The Sound Of Punk In The Fox River Valley" ... heh!) and really wanted to go into radio or TV when I got out of school, but after a summer of intently beating the bushes trying to land a gig, I ended up taking up the standing offer to just join the family's PR firm full time (I'd been working all through college at the agency, so it was an easy transition). For those who've gone over the Ning site and seen my stumbling attempts at V-blogs, I still have the urge, but haven't been able to lock it down into a system that I'm able to keep running on a predictable cycle.

I've done some guesting on friends Blog Talk Radio shows, but today's junket down to the Tribune Tower (to the WGN-AM studios on the ground floor) was a gas. If the opportunity arose I could definitely see my doing radio again ... although the gig that ChicagoNow show host Bill Leff has is certainly a challenge (they have a 4 hour show and run through 8 bloggers from the ChicagoNow site in rapid-fire succession, and he has to keep it focused and fresh over and over again!).

I really hadn't intended to do any The Job Stalker posts on the weekends, but I figured I'd make an exception for something like this ... so, get with the clicky-clicky to hear me "doing some media"!

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