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As regular readers of this space know, I have frequently waxed encomiastic about the customer service at TigerDirect, but after this morning I figured it would only be "fair & balanced" to weigh in on the other side.

I get daily (or more frequent) promo e-mails from TigerDirect and this morning there was a USB hub that was being featured with free shipping. When I got into the site I decided that this particular model did not fit exactly what I was looking for, but another (at the same price point: $14.99) did, and I popped that into the shopping cart, only to discover that there was going to be a $7.99 shipping charge. As I really didn't want to pay and extra 53%, I clicked on the "live help" to ask why the one unit would have free shipping and the other didn't (and hopefully have the free shipping deal applied to the unit that I wanted).

Now, I've had VERY GOOD experiences with TigerDirect's customer service in the past, and was expecting to at least be handled like a valued customer. Unfortunately, the agent I got in the chat window would/could only parrot the "boilerplate" about their shipping rates, repeatedly telling me (what I already knew) that anything over $100 and under 35lbs gets free shipping. I pointed out that the unit in the email promo this morning likely weighs significantly under ONE pound and is only $14.99, yet has free shipping, but this only elicits another visit to the "shipping policy" file. I even provide both item numbers, which then has the agent telling me that there would not be free shipping on those items, despite what is clearly noted in this morning's email.

Anyway, I logged off telling them that I'd walk over to Best Buy to see what I could get without having to pay shipping (since the 3 TigerDirect/CompUSA are all out in various suburbs, despite calling them their "Chicago" stores), but it really pissed me off to not even have a GESTURE of understanding on the other end of the "customer service" chat (hell, an Eliza-based program would have at least faked some concern that I was dissatisfied!). Since I've beaten y'all over the head with how great TigerDirect has been in the past, I figured it would only be fair to point out when they were being morons (to opt for a more "job-search friendly" term than the ones that came more immediately to mind)!

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