BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hey ... a new L.J. convert!

Hey, all ...

One of my best on-line friends, Yael Dragwyla, has just joined Live Journal ... polaris93.

Yael is a SERIOUS occultist, with in-depth knowledge in quite a number of areas. She's working on a "Magnum Opus" of magickal systems called "New Magicks for a New Age" which is going to cause quite a stir when it hits print! She also does on-line training and consultations ... see her site at for details!

Additionally, Yael is a staunch Libertarian, but of the "maverick" sort that doesn't think that L. Neil Smith's run for the Presidency was the horror that the Libertarian Party orthodoxy feels it was!

There isn't much in her journal yet, but if you enjoy exploring the unknown, taking Libertarian stances, discussing space exploration and colonization, or even SPIDERS ... add her to your Friends List, since I'm sure good stuff will be forthcoming!

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