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Sanity Clause is coming to town ...

So, with all the confusion, I've only managed to do two posts in The Job Stalker this week, the "author interview" on Monday, and the "link post" today, and I feel bad about that. I'd hoped to have up a thing about using LinkedIn, but wasn't able to get that nailed down yet.

Of course, the main reason I was backed up on stuff was that I had a real-live in-person JOB INTERVIEW yesterday out in the suburbs. While their "wish list" of things they want for this position is certainly in the "sweet spot" of my job skills, the company is in a niche that I'm not that familiar with, so I was having to do a fairly extensive bit of research to really "get" what they did, what they were communicating, and to whom they were addressing their messages. I think I did OK on that, as the gal interviewing me complimented me on the list of questions I worked up. I'm one of five candidates that they were bringing in this week, then the interviewer has to brief her boss, and then they'll bring in (I'm guessing) 2-3 folks for final interviews. I have my fingers crossed, as this would be a very good fit for me, and I can't believe that the other candidates are bringing as much to the table as I do. However, I'm probably not going to hear anything until the first week in January.

In other news, it must officially be the holidays as we're all screaming, yelling, crying, storming off in huffs, throwing plates and glasses, and generally making this the traditional Most Stressful Week Of The Year. Of course, being dead broke doesn't help ... neither The Wife nor I are doing any gifting to each other, for either Xmas or our anniversary (which is on the Solstice), and The Girls are getting pretty slim pickings as well. We got to the various relatives and explained that we couldn't afford to do gifts for the adults, so we just had to get stuff out to the assorted nieces and nephews, but that was still rough at the moment. I guess my big gift was renting the car to get out to the western suburbs for the interview yesterday (about $80 by the time insurance and tax and gas got added). Needless to say, if somebody could just hook me up to a morphine drip and wake me on 01/04/2010, I'd be much obliged!

Of course, all this loveliness has made me think to trot out the old standby:

There are T-shirts, mousepads, and truly festive mugs to give the what-for to those cubicle mates who are humming holiday tunes along with the muzak! Hey, if you have to shop, it might as well be for some snark, y'know! I doubt that CafePress will be able to get stuff out by Xmas at this point, but, WTF, these sort of sentiments might as well be bitter and late!

(Sigh) ... I really can't recall an Xmas that was not horrible ... "tis the season of emotional blackmail" fa-la-la-la-la and all of that. We'll make it through, or not, I suppose. Every year it makes me crave a "radical restructuring" of my life, with none of the considered options being particularly positive or pleasant; but by January it's just another ugly memory. Needless to say, "back in the day" I'd just stay drunk for two weeks ... sobriety is really the gift that keeps on giving in the unfiltered stress department.

Ho, ho, ho ...

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