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Late again, eh?

So, I didn't have an interview to go up on The Job Stalker yesterday, but I was able to get my "how to use LinkedIn" post (that I'd been trying to get nailed down for a week or so) up. Clicky-clicky to check that out ===>

As you can see, that was from yesterday (and if I don't get this entry written fast it will be from two days ago!), the Holidays have descended on my schedule big time, and I've been spending a lot of time down in the Loop doing last-minute shopping, primarily with Daughter #1.

The Girls were supposed to have seen Santa today, but we got blind-sided by the line and The Wife had to get Daughter #2 to a doctor's appointment, so they bailed on that (while I was elsewhere in The Store Formerly Known as Marshall Fields) and opted to go over to Daley Plaza to see Santa there, only he wasn't there today (and, frankly, had they just stayed in line they would have gotten to Santa and out of there in plenty of time, but that's just ME saying that, and my opinion on these things carries very little weight) so we're going to have to schedule some additional trip downtown for the Santa thing.

Oh, speaking of stuff Job Stalker-ish, I've been invited back to do another segment for the Chicago Now show in WGN-AM this Saturday. They're going to be pairing me up with Ron Culp, who writes the "Hire Learning" blog which talks about jobs, but from the other side of the table (he's a partner with Ketchum and on a boatload of corporate boards). It should be interesting, and I'm (needless to say) eager to get to know Mr. Culp!

Today was The Wife & my 18th wedding anniversary. Her dad sent us a check for going out to dinner on, and we found this deal (a 3-course dinner for $19.95, thanks to The Local Tourist for the heads-up on that!) that worked out for us, so we were able to have a nice dinner out.

The Girls and I did Xmas cookies on Monday ... opted to go "simple" this year, so made up vivid green sugar cookie dough, cut it with the "tree" cookie cutter, and had The Girls go to town with a set of "writing" frosting tubes ... they did a great job making the cookies look like decorated Xmas trees.

Oh, and we did the Holiday CTA Train yesterday, and I shot some video ... I need to get that off the chip and edited, but you can look forward to seeing that in the next day or so!

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