BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ho, Ho, Ho ...

Well, lookie there! I actually got the video segments off of the SD card, into the computer, converted from .mov to .avi (the "t@b Media Converter" ... ... is the best I've found, and it's FREE!), loaded into Windows Movie Maker, edited down, titled, and uploaded to YouTube!

One of these days I'll have one of those fancy phones that will let me do all that automatically but for the present time you'll have to deal with my having to find time to mess around with this stuff "the old fashioned way".

This was our now-annual ride on the "Santa Express" train ... the CTA runs this (generally, for one round-trip) on specific lines on specific days, so you really sort of have to schedule your holiday around it (or stumble over it, The Wife says the best part of it is seeing people in the subway who were just looking to get on a train only to see this show up!). Since the train stops in each station for about 45 seconds, it's hard to pick-and-choose one's shots, I would have preferred to have gotten some better shots of Santa on his open-air rail car (which has got to be freaky to be in going full speed through the tunnels!), but I did get a bit of a shot of him waving on his way out of the Chicago/State station.

Ho, ho, ho ...

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