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So, it's Xmas eve. We went to see Santa today down at the Daley Plaza (rather than at The Store Formerly Known as Marshall Fields, although we were back in there today), got some last-minute shopping done (a case of copy paper before a sale expired), and had our now-traditional Xmas eve dinner of home-made pizzas. I got the last of the stuff wrapped, and everything's out by the tree. I also had to do the "Santa thing" of drinking the milk and consuming some noticeable amount of cookies.

This over here is a Violation Notice from "the Village of Winter Wonderfest", which I got when down there for the Tweet-Up a couple of weeks back. I figured that if I was going to share this, I'd better do it soon (click on it for a large version). They sure will write you up for anything ... it's the big indoor winter thing at Navy Pier ... but I sort of cheated, as heard that it was a violation, "soliciting for a holiday ticket", to ask to get one!

I did a somewhat different sort of post today for The Job Stalker (clicky-clicky on the image over there ===>), but I don't think it's my best work. I was wanting to sort of get into a whole intention/attraction thing about "gratitude", but didn't want to wade off into too "newagey" stuff, so it ended up being somewhat tepid and half-hearted. I did want to get it done today, though, so went with what I had.

I'm looking forward to doing another Chicago Now show on Saturday ... I'm sort of surprised that I'm getting called back in so soon (there are over 150 bloggers on Chicago Now, so even with 8 per show, they could go a long while without repeating!), but I'm not complaining. They're going to be pairing me up with the guy who writes the Hire Learning blog, and I'm still waiting to hear what "the concept" is, aside from the obvious angle of having two guys who are writing job search blogs on.

I was pleased to have gotten the "author interview" material back from one of the folks I'd contacted, so now I have Monday's column good-to-go. That with tomorrow's "link dump" means that I don't have to think much about that stuff for a while.

I had hoped to have had a book review up today, but I'm thinking the odds that I'm going to get that written yet tonight are pretty much "slim to none", but maybe I'll get a spare hour tomorrow to knock that down (I'm behind 3 reviews at this point, perhaps I'll get caught up on those over the weekend).

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