BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Survived another Xmas ...

Trying to get to bed relatively early tonight as I have to get up to do the Chicago Now radio show over at WGN-AM ... looking forward to it, but I'm nervous because I'm "a day off" this week, I keep finding myself thinking it's one day back from the actual day.

Got another The Job Stalker post up, figuring that Xmas shouldn't prevent me doing the "data dump" of links. I also have Monday's "author interview" good to go, so I've got a leg up on next week.

Did I mention that I got mistaken for Santa Claus yesterday? Coming back from the Loop, we were crossing the street and there was some toddler staring at me ... now, I did have a Santa hat on, but was otherwise not "Santa-esque" with a brown leather bomber jacket over jeans. Maybe the hat, glasses, white beard, and, uh, girth were enough signals. Both of The Girls agreed that the little kid was obviously processing me as Santa "off duty" or something!

I'm trying to get a book review knocked down, but am having a hard time "pulling the trigger" on that (and I'm backed up a bit again on reviews, which is irritating me). Hopefully I'll wrest one out of my brain before going to bed.

Anyway, if you want to catch up on what I've been doing otherwise, clicky-clicky on the graphic over there ===>

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Tags: thejobstalker
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