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well ...

Who knew radio was so exhausting? Well, not really, but I did spend most of the afternoon napping after having gotten back from WGN-AM today and the Chicago Now show.

Once again, had a great time ... they paired me up with Ron Culp, who writes the Hire Learning blog, and it went quite well. Clicky-clicky on the graphic for the whole run-down and the link to the podcast of our segment ===>. Once again, I'm reminded how much I enjoyed being behind a microphone ... if this keeps up I might start having delusions of possible returns to radio!

I'm getting frustrated with my not having made any headway on getting caught up with writing book reviews ... as noted, I'm behind on 3 at this point, and should have been caught up if not for the whole napping thing (both this afternoon when trying to read and tonight while working on the computer)!. I'm hoping to maybe get one knocked down still tonight, but unlike general blithering like this, I find it harder to just "extract from the proverbial bodily orifice" something like a review. I certainly don't want to get back to a situation like I was in a while ago when I'd ended up with a big stack of books awaiting my commentary!

Sounds like we're going off to see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow ... the Trib didn't much like it in its review, but the folks I'm hearing weigh in on it over on Twitter have been generally complimentary. I'm sure that we'll get out to see Avatar at some point as well, but it sounds like that might be worth going the IMAX route if we're going to pay for a 3D showing (as opposed to a discount matinee).

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