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I was fortunate to get back an "author interview" last week, so I had today's The Job Stalker pretty much nailed down (I just had to do a couple of paragraphs of intro copy). I've started to get a few random queries about doing other reviews/interviews, but have been pretty clear that I don't feel comfortable doing these unless I've read the book (nudge-nudge, wink-wink), so we'll see what starts coming in from the promo departments of these publishers (as, frankly, I'm not inclined to spend my very limited book-buying budget on "job search" books if I don't have to!).

The current interview was with an author whose book I reviewed in this space a while back. I didn't give it a very hearty review, as it was coming to me at a point in my life when "the horse was out of the barn", as it were, but it certainly would be helpful for a younger person's career considerations. One thing it does have is links to other resources, including several "Holland code" things (the book is largely based on this model). The "radar" chart here is how I show up in one system (that adds a seventh dimension not in most of the material, the "attentive") ... I'm generally an AI, Artistic/Investigative which is, unfortunately one of those "that and five bucks will get you a venti latte" sort of career paths, unless you happen to be an architect.

Anyway, it's worth a read, so why not do the clicky-clicky on the graphic ===>

I must have come down with some low-grade bug over the holidays, because I ended up crashing much of Saturday, a significant chunk of Sunday, and for a couple of hours this evening. I'm not feeling sick, just "deeply fatigued" and every time I get some particular project finished I feel like I need to take a nap! Not conducive to getting as much stuff done as I'd like to "get off my plate" at the moment.

As I've noted, I've been trying to get into writing a few book reviews (before things start really piling up here), but have just not been able to "pull the trigger" on these yet. I'm hoping to get to one right after I post this, but we'll see how far Diet Coke will take me.

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