BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

He's dead, Jim ...


My main computer ... the hotshot quad-core multi-GB monster that was my "consolation prize" from my previous employer ... has gone DEAD. Well, not dead so much as "unable to function".

Yesterday, at about 3am, it did one of its recent "every 8-12 hours" BSoD reboots, but it didn't quite manage to reboot, coming up with a "Stop: cooooo21a (fatal system error)" message every time I'd try to re-start Windows. Other errors appeared when trying to get it up in Safe Mode, and in the "repair" mode.

Now, it does get into the basic front end of Windows (the status bar), so I'm assuming that the basics are OK but that something's gotten corrupted.

I spent ALL DAY on this yesterday (including resurrecting the "frankenstein" machine which is based on the HD from my previous system installed in a spare P4 machine from the office, with a new power supply and video card ... which I'm currently using), but I'm not happy about this.

I did back up my HD a week or so back, but that leaves a LOT of recent work "hanging" on that now-inaccessible hard drive. I've had lefin1 suggest doing a bootable Ubuntu CD and getting into the HD via that ... which is my next project ... but I'm totally bummed about this all.

So, if I'm more invisible than usual (and you're not seeing The Job Stalker in here ... most of my "missing" files were for that!), it's because of a Dead Computer.

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