BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ... totally missed it

Ever since I quit drinking (24+ years ago) New Years Eve has been somewhat anti-climactic.

I was working on coding something tonight and Midnight sort of just flew past me ... usually I'm at least cognizant of the date clicking over, but I was trying to "MacGuyver" this page on Ning (the same thing I posted about a day or so back), and suddenly it's 12-something on 1/1/10. Oh Well.

Today wasn't quite as bad as yesterday, but I'm really missing my other computer. I haven't had time to try that Ubuntu rescue (although the CD's ready to go), but will hopefully get to it tomorrow.

Tonight we did our traditional run up to the Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. It was pretty cold, though (and some areas, where the wind was coming through, were brutal), so we didn't stay and poke around every building. The Girls did the cookie decorating thing, and some craft stuff, and then we headed home, picking up Chinese food on the way.

I am feeling very down, but that's likely still due to the computer crash (which has gotten me "off my game", putting The Job Stalker on the sidelines, etc.). I just hope I get a job soon ... I am so incredibly sick of LOOKING for one.

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