BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Why do they bother?

I'm a big fan of (as regular readers have probably been able to tell), but sometimes they mystify me.

Over there ===> is the "business end" of a promotional e-mail they sent me tonight. Whoooo! A whole one percent discount from list price! WTF? One would think that a marketing juggernaut like Amazon would put in controls that would just not bother if the discount fell under a particular threshold. Where I live, that's gotta be over 10%, as less than that and it's not even covering our local sales tax (not that this is an issue on Amazon orders, one of the reasons, of course, why ordering from them makes so much sense for us).

The last four books I've ordered from Amazon have been at 69%, 60%, 50%, and 32% off of cover price, but none of those were featured in an e-mail promo (and the item being promoted here wasn't even a typical thing for me to order) ... maybe it's just me, but offering something at a 1% discount has got to be counter-productive, highlighting a lack of attention to details that casts doubts on the competency of the entire operation.

I find it amazing that they don't have "rules" built into the system that would ensure that they didn't send a promo out if the discount wasn't at least X% ... it's just ridiculous to push out something like this to feature a "price break" this minimal!

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