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I'd never really thought about having "guest bloggers", and didn't really do so today, except that I sort of snagged the content (with his permission) of another guy's blog, because, well, it was SUCH an awesome list that I wanted to share it instead of trusting my readers to make clicky-clicky on a link.

Now, you'll click on that graphic over there ===>, won't you?

I was very pleased that I was able to get a hold of the guy, get his permission (and what he'd like me to flog for him), and get this up over the course of the day. I'd have had it up before 5pm too, if not for those meddlesome kids not for having another huge project fighting for my time.

Actually, not only did I have this, and the soon-to-be-detailed huge project, but edthepagan was in town and wanted to grab some coffee with me. It was a good meeting (he is, of course, the head of WitchSchool International, on whose web site and SL presence I've spent much of the past year working), and he actually brought a check for my share of the ad revenues from 2008. Now, it wasn't a BIG check, but it wasn't a negligible check either, and it's (hopefully) a foreshadowing of my eventually making some reasonable money off of my efforts with that!

Speaking of efforts and money and stuff ... my former boss from Simuality/Liminati has just kicked off Evanston Today Live, and I was up in Evanston most of the day yesterday helping to get the inaugural show off the ground. The big project that I was working on today was whipping the web part of that into shape, creating "structure" that will hopefully be functional and flexible enough to carry on from this point. Right now the shows are only about 15 minutes, but they're scheduled to be an hour every day M-F at 4pm, all focusing on local news in Evanston. The main reason that we're slow to get up to an hour can be sussed by checking out the "Staff" listing, as we're operating with about a half a staff, with most of the missing bodies being reporters! Needless to say, we're hoping to get that chart filled out as things go along (and, no, I did not choose my title of "Liaison").

I've been very skittish with my time this week, as I should be hearing back from that company that I interviewed with just before the holidays ... they indicated that they'd be calling back "finalists" for that communications gig this week, so I've been trying to keep things "loose" to let me get a car set up to go back out to Lisle for that next round of interviewing.

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