BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not that anybody gives a damn ...

When I've been mentioning what I've been referring to as the "Plath factor" in my poems, it relates to the info on the other side of this link ... I wish I could find a link to the initial Reuters story from 7/25 about the research (which has been posted elsewhere on L.J.), but when I searched, all I could turn up was the original research paper. Lucky you!

Needless to say, soon after reading this, I began to notice "first-person" references creeping into my poems. I have typically NOT written from the "I/me/mine" perspective, having rather tried to deal with inner states the way a meteorologist, for example, approaches communicating the details of the weather. While, as the Reuters story quotes the head researcher reporting: "As a group, no one would call poets a particularly bubbly, chipper group,", I have tried to keep tabs on this factor of late, due to the extremely dire nature of my day-to-day existence. After all, I'd hate to surprise myself with some random suicidal act unaccompanied by truly morbid sonnet cycles!

Again ... like anybody out there fucking cares ...

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