BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Urgh ... what a week ...

See that previous post on Tuesday? Everything was fine & dandy, but (unmentioned in the post) I'd had a bit of a "tickle in my throat" that I'd been trying assorted lozenges on. Tuesday I was at home working on the web site for that TV project ... Wednesday, well ...

On Wednesday morning I get an e-mail from one of the Partners in this New Media agency that I've been chasing after for a couple of months, she asks if I could (among assorted other possible time slots) come in for a chat on Thursday at 11:30 (!!!), I immediately respond "SURE!".

Also on Wednesday, I'm supposed to be heading back up to Evanston, for the next day on the program (which I, obviously, and not going to be able to make a regular thing unless I'm getting paid to be there, as it's an hour up, typically 5 hours there, and an hour back). However, it becomes pretty clear to me as the day wears on that I'm "coming down with something" to the extent that The Wife calls up my doctor to see if I could get in or if he could set me up with some meds. By the time I head up to Evanston noon-ish, I'm feeling "cold/flu" full-on, made all the more special by the damn Pace bus deciding to pull out of the station before anybody could get down there from the train (giving me a choice of sitting in the cold outside or woozily leaning on stuff standing up in the station for a half hour while I awaited the next bus). By the time I got to the TV studio I felt like crap, but had a bunch of stuff that sort of did need my attention. By the end of the show, I was passed out on my netbook. I head back downtown (fortunately getting the bus right away this time), get some OTC meds (they don't make the one thing I used to take, but I can piece it together with 3 other products), and go home to bed.

Now, of course this brings us to Thursday and THE VERY IMPORTANT INTERVIEW. O.M.G. Fortunately, the med cocktail I was putting together will pretty much make a half-dead version of me at least functional for 4 hours, so I pretty much slept right up to when I needed to get myself presentable, took my meds, did the shower/shave/suit thing and headed out. I ended up meeting with two of the Agency's partners, and feel I did "OK", I'd mentioned that I had just been blind-sided by a flu bug when I was down there and pointed out in my thank-you notes that I was not "at my best" because of it. I'm hoping I didn't lose too many points by operating out of a bit of a fog.

I promptly came home and went back to bed, getting up in time to do the web stuff for the Thursday show, then back to bed again. Yesterday The Wife pointed out that I'd had a fever now for 3 days and that I should damn well start taking the antibiotics that she'd talked my doctor into prescribing. I was hesitant, as I did not have "the throat infection" that I used to get, so didn't want to start throwing the big guns into my system if not needed, but (in my weakened state) acceded to her demands.

I'm still fighting computer problems, and can't bring myself to write (book reviews, The Job Stalker, etc), an my Job Hunt (minus, of course, the interview) has ground to a halt, so I'm tailing into depression. But that's why you haven't heard squat from me for several days (hell, I haven't even caught up with Twitter since Tuesday!).

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