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Oh, yeah ...

I am amazed at how much stuff I didn't get done last week when I was sick. I hit the ground running last night / today and am back into that "not having a free second" mode again. I'm sort of holding my breath on the outcome of the interviews I had on Thursday ... I'm feeling a bit shell-shocked by not making the "call-back cut" on that gig out in Lisle. As much as a pain as it would have been to get there and back on a daily basis, I'd pretty much mentally settled into it (having figured out bus and train schedules and likely best routes to walk from the train station), so felt pretty much sucker-punched when I got the word yesterday. Obviously, the gig that I was being called in to talk about last week is a FAR better fit for me (it's on Michigan Ave., it's a P.R. firm, it's got lots of stuff that I've been doing, etc.), but I'm scared to even open up with the hope ... and I'm really wondering when I should touch base over there.

I was back into Twitter today (explaining why I've been so time-pressured), but got out 5 resumes and have had added a bunch of links to the list for this week's "dump". Which brings me to that thing over there ====> (clicky-clicky!). It's not my best moment of blogging, but I wanted to get folks caught up with what had been up with me over the past couple of weeks. Oh, I also got interviewed by another Chicago Now blogger, and I'll pass that along when I see it.

I'm trying to block enough time to get some book reviews done, I've had one book right here in front of the monitor for a week and have just not been able to get into it, plus I finished reading another in the early AM today, which I'm hoping to have an interview done with its author for next Monday's The Job Stalker, so I need to be able to get some time chunked out of the day. I guess going back to getting random 2-hour bits of sleep (instead of the 8-12 hours I was logging while sick) will help.

The good news is that Amazon shipped my new HD last night, so any day now it should be getting here ... needless to say, I'm hoping for it to "plug and play", and play nice with the "restore" CD for the OS, and then play nice with the external HD in terms of being able to put back all the stuff that's now permanently entombed on the dead drive!

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