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So ...

I'm very frustrated that my new hard drive isn't here yet. I had really anticipated it showing up on Thursday and my being able to get it installed and the "restore" thing done by now. I was very pissed when I checked the package room yesterday and realized that if it wasn't there yet, the EARLIEST it would be here would be Tuesday. I'm just hoping that there won't be any "glitches" with at least getting the computer up and running with an HD and OS operating as soon as that drive's available. I can cut some slack on really "restoring" it with trying to pull in what's on the "save" on the external HD ... I'm hoping that the software that came with the drive will be good about that that and it will just be a couple of clicks and then a few hours of data transfer.

Had another piss-poor week on The Job Stalker last week, but did end up with a long list of links to share which are on the other end of the clicky-clicky on that image there ===>

I have an interview ready to roll to go with the review I put up here a couple of days back ... I'm always bummed when I don't get any response to those ... especially when I was brilliant (I thought the "Goofus & Gallant" comparison absolutely nailed the book!).

Now, I thought I'd updated you all on my recent networking activities, but I see that was part of Friday's Job Stalker post. Had an interesting mix last week, including a get-together with a lot of the Tribune staff that was very interesting, and hopefully useful. Do give that a click and check that out, OK?

This is our "taking down the Xmas tree" weekend. We have become very regimented on the Winter Holidays due to the birthdays of The Girls. Daughter #1's b-day is right after Thanksgiving (actually, her due date was Thanksgiving, but she seemed to want to hang out and have some turkey before coming), so no Xmas stuff goes up in the house until we have fully celebrated her birthday. Daughter #2's birthday is right before Valentine's day, so we need to have all of Xmas down before it comes around to her b-day, and can't do any VD decor until we get past it (which sometimes means no real effort for VD since it's just a couple of days later). So, mid-January is the ideal "pack up Xmas" time, and the Divisional Playoff weekend in the NFL gives me four 3-hour "distractions" which I can have running in the background while we pack everything up, so this has become the defacto weekend for it. Unfortunately, it looks like it's all falling to me this year, as The Girls were out most of the afternoon yesterday and are going to be out again today.

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