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Football ...

OK, so my Bears aren't in it, but I figure I need to keep up on the playoffs or I'll get confused later (frankly, my "time stamp" on years tends to be along the lines of "oh, you know, the winter that so-and-so played against such-and-such in the AFC championship"), so I made myself watch all four games both last weekend and this weekend.

I'm not a sports bettor (I hate losing money, so I don't enjoy gambling much at all, limiting myself to $1 twice a week to "keep the probability window open" on the Big Game lottery), but I might have done pretty well this weekend as 3 of the 4 games went the way I wanted them to, despite being against the consensus picks of both the Tribune and most of the TV guys. The only one that didn't was the Ravens/Colts ... and you can't tell me that a Jets/Ravens AFC Championship game wouldn't have been a better match than Jets/Colts. I'm pretty happy with the prospect of Vikings/Saints, although I did have massive amounts of cognitive dissonance rooting for a) Favre and b) The Vikings, individually and in combination.

Hmmm ... I used to make ONE sports bet a year "back in the day" ... there was this old Chinese guy who occasionally came into "my local bar" and we'd make a $10 bet at the start of the season on the Bears eventual W/L record. I seem to recall my winning most years on that.

I had one of those "Oh, no they didn't!" flashes this weekend, however. It has struck me as somewhat odd that The Who was going to be featured on the SuperBowl half-time show ... I mean, c'mon, they're icons and all, but half the band is dead, and it's not (as far as I know) like they have a new album or tour to promote or anything. Then it hit me. The SuperBowl is on CBS this year. And what it CBS' hottest franchise? The various CSI shows, right? And, whose music features as the series themes of the CSI shows? Yep, The Who. I really wish it didn't sound so plausible, but the scenarios of a bunch of sleazy Network Suits sitting around deciding that getting The Who for the SuperBowl would be a smashing way to promote the CSI shows is now stuck in my head, making me "throw up a little in my mouth" every time I hear the SuperBowl mentioned!

Too bad CBS isn't trying to flog a bunch of Charmed spin-offs ... I would have deeply appreciated the irony of them throwing Morrissey on stage for the SuperBowl half-time!

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