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So, nobody commented on my brilliant review of "How To Self-Destruct" over the weekend (at least I thought it was brilliant to have come up with the "Goofus & Gallant" angle on that!), so I don't suppose that you're all chomping at the bit to read the author interview that I did with Jason Seiden about the book, but that's the main focus of the current The Job Stalker post ... you know the routine ... a click over there ===> earns me half a cent, so 220 unique clicks will be enough for me to get a McDouble or a McChicken or maybe buy my babies a Hot Apple Pie each (with tax).

I've had several Very Bad Days in a row. As noted we (actually I ... nobody wanted to help) took down the Xmas tree over the weekend, and I was convinced that this was the last time I was going to see it ... feeling certain that I'd be dead before next Xmas. The job search has sucked massively, with no follow-up on any of the contacts or interviews, and I've hit an endless stream of "scam postings" which has me on edge. I actually broke a door off its hinges over the weekend, it's getting that bad for me managing my rage.

It doesn't help that my main computer is STILL broken. I ordered this new HD a week ago and it's still not here yet, so I'm having to make due with a half-broken much older system that just won't let me get done what I need to get done. I'm supposed to be doing these projects for Evanston Today Live, but the damn streaming signal totally freezes up the old computer, leaving me frustrated, angry, and having to make excuses. Of course, I had planned to have had that HD in by last Thursday, and had time blocked out over the weekend to deal with it ... now I don't have any time to work with it, even if it DOES come in tomorrow.

The only positive thing that has come of this week was the networking event I was off at tonight ... which was at a bar that had a $2 grilled-cheese & fries special, so I was able to buy myself dinner. I didn't make a lot of new connections there, but had a chance to chat with folks I'd not seen in a while. I was in such a vile mood heading out tonight that I was worried that I would be incapable of "schmoozing", but I was at least able to have some significant conversations.

I am SO sick of this god-damned job search.

P.S.: I don't know if I mentioned that I'd gotten a book to review for the Tribune's "Printers Row" blog's "Reader Reviews" feature. I'm going to get around to that in the next few hours (I hope), but was shocked by the questionnaire that they'd sent me when I'd indicated I was done with the book ... questions like if I thought the main characters (the book's a history of the United Farm Workers) would be Cubs or Sox fans! Arrrgh! Needless to say, I'm going to do my real review and then do their questionnaire (as best as I can).

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