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A better day ...

Well, today was a bit of a better day. If you want to read me bitching about all the rip-offs and scams in the world check out my The Job Stalker post over there ===> I still wasn't able to bring myself to "name names" (although I did put several in the tags for the post, leading to a ton of traffic according to Conveniently another job industry blogger did a major broadside at The Ladders (the grand-daddy of that particular family of sleazebags) today, and I edited in a link out to that post!

I had one of those "must be being psychic" days ... I had a breakfast networking thing down in the west Loop this morning, and was sorely tempted to stop at 7-11 for a beverage on my way over to the bus, but the "vibes" were saying "press on!" and I got to the bus stop only a block ahead of my bus ... and I would have been very late (and massively upset) had I missed that. Score #1.

I had initially thought that I'd head up to Evantson today as my WSI buddy was meeting with my EOL buddy, and I figured I'd touch base with them and then go sit in on Evanston Today Live (I'm doing most of their web work, but rarely show up on site). However, yesterday I got way behind on what I'd hoped to have had done, so I contacted them and said that I wasn't going to be able to make it up there.

This was a Good Thing, as right about 2:30 I get a call from a recruiter for a major medical association, wanting to do a phone interview (she and the Hiring Manager had already met about my resume and wanted to check me out). We spoke for about an hour, and I think it went very well, and I'll be very surprised if I'm not called out there for a face-to-face interview in the next week or so ... for an extremely cool gig. Score #2.

This morning I also got a promo e-mail from Barnes & Noble, which had the announcement of their "after holiday sale", which is a serious clearance, featuring books as low as $1.99 ... I got thirteen (mainly hardcover) books for $27.22 including tax, books whose cover prices nearly came to two hundred bucks (heck, the shipping would have been nearly $17.00), so that was quite the deal! Score #3.

So, today was a better day ... amazing how much better it feels to have somebody at least considering hiring me!

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