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OOOH! More ink!

Lookie here ... it's a TribunePalooza of links today! As I no doubt mentioned when I did the review of that UFW book, I'd gotten it as part of the Tribune's new "Signature Club" program, which invites the paper's readers to do reviews. When you click through over <=== there you'll see that the format they use is a "questionnaire" template with specific bits of info being collected. Some of these are pretty basic, some of them are trying to be "Chicago-oriented", and the odd ones only start to have some sense when taken in volume (poke through the Printers Row blog's Reviews listings to find the various Signature Club reviews and see how folks have handled those, it becomes amusing). Needless to say, I'm so thrilled to be "in the Tribune" (there's an outside chance this could sneak into the print edition this weekend) with one of my reviews that I can hardly control myself. In terms of self-image and "bucket lists" this is a big deal for me, even though it wasn't in the form of one of my "review" reviews (they did link back out to my review site, however, which is awesome).

I did a quick turn-around earlier in the week on The Job Stalker, and didn't get a chance to post in here ... over there ===> is the one from Tuesday which was dedicated to the new "JobDeck" mash-up of the "TweetDeck" Twitter client with the "TwitterJobSearch" web service. Basically these let anybody who sets up the program do 90% of what I've been doing with Twitter in my job search, as it sets up specific columns within the main TweetDeck module to display anything with the #jobs hash-tag, and various "lists" (of job writers, etc.). It's a great idea, and a fabulous resource for anybody looking for a job.

I had another big week of networking this week, with very productive events on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ... the Social Media Breakfast, Publicity Club of Chicago tweet-up, and Social Media Club meeting, respectively. At each of these I got to spend time chatting with folks that I'd known (and in some cases have already been connected with on LinkedIn), but only through Twitter, and it was great getting to know them "in person". Last night was especially amazing, as I ran into dozens of folks that I knew from various contexts, some that I'd not had a chance to chat with in months. Keeping up this "social schedule" is exhausting, but it feels like it's helping out. Oh, and speaking of things in the job search, in my last post I mentioned the phone interview I had the other day, well, the next day I got another call, this one setting up a phone interview for Monday. It's nice to have some of this stuff coming through, especially since the current things "on the table" are all very cool jobs.

There, I got through a post without bitching and moaning. Such a deal! Do make clicky-clicky, though, as I need all the half-pennies I can get!

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