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Well ...

I guess the author or "Me 2.0" didn't like my review or the set-up to the interview, as I haven't seen a single tweet or retweet of the info on it from him, despite his being very active over on Twitter. Hmph! Traffic to that post, though, has been higher than usual, though, so I guess some other folks have been pointing at it. I had an interesting "lab" going on with it ... for each of my The Job Stalker posts I typically have my TJS Twitter account tweet 4 times, six to ten hours apart, each with a slightly different "spin" within about 100 characters (leaving space for RT's). I had one version that got several RTs, which led with "Gen Y reinventing themselves for the job market", making me think "Gen Y" might be something that folks have searches set for.

Anyway, if you'd like to see what Dan Schawbel has to say about himself (maybe the reason that he didn't seem to like this was that I wasn't kowtowing enough, but come on, at 24 he's achieved some amazing successes, but let's see where he's at in a decade or two!), do the clicky-clicky over there ===> ... the review, of course, is a few posts back in here.

I'm getting slightly miffed at the Tribune. It turns out that I should have been getting daily e-mail updates for my traffic figures and I've seen nothing, and I've aksed and asked, and bounced around between several folks over there, and STILL have no clue (except the tracking I get from the links) how these things are "performing".

I've had some contact with some additional authors and publishers, which should result in my getting some more books along these lines to review. However, I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty sick of reading job search, career management, and "personal branding" books at this point. I wish somebody would HIRE ME so I could go back to blithely reading occultism, archaeology, and physics! Speaking of which, I had what I felt was a very good phone interview for a position with a University here on Monday ... it would be a very cool gig, so I have my hopes up again (despite having that Agency that I'd talked to several weeks back tell me they didn't have any slots that were a "fit" for me at this time, and the other agency that I'd done some work for end of last year tell me that the parts of the new business that they'd thought they'd pull me in on didn't materialize). At least I'm finally having folks talking to me, eh?

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