BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Sucky day ...

Man, what a day. I hit my desk at 8am this morning with 4 concrete goals to achieve and have managed one of them. One thing after another got in my face and distracted me from what I needed to get done, AND nobody that I needed to get a hold of for time-sensitive information bothered to e-mail me back, so (for instance) I have NO FREAK'N IDEA if I'm going to have an "author interview" to run on Monday (to go along with the freak'n review I haven't managed to write, one of two that I was planning to have done four bleeding hours ago), and if I DON'T I'll have to figure out something else to do for The Job Stalker on Monday. Stupid me for doing FOUR posts this week, should have left it at 3 and floated yesterday's thing on keeping timesheets till next week. Damn it. The link over there ===> is for that, I thought it was useful but nobody seems to have bothered to check it out. I'm still not getting reports, but an off-hand comment from my section manager over there led me to figure that in the 4+ months I've been doing this, I've earned maybe a whole thirty dollars, less than a buck a post. I should just go sell damned Streetwise outside the El stops ... those guys make 75¢ a copy!

On a somewhat less angsty (yet still angry, I'm having a "90% rage" day today) note, I ran into this fun web amusement, the Batman Comic Generator which lets you put in snarky text for this particular tender moment between Batman and Robin. As I was in the midst of my Twitter reading (and so into fresh hatred of all things FourSquare), I came up with this ... which is probably obscure if one isn't familiar with the damned automatic Twitter posts from FourSquare users about where they are, or just became "mayor of".

But, hey, it wasn't just a "let's hate FourSquare" day, I also had one of the on-air "talent" from the Evanston TV project crawl up my ass about why the links weren't working to her goddamned Facebook page. Number one, there was just a text placeholder for a link to Facebook on her page (one that *I* didn't code), two nobody told me that we were ADDING these links, and #3, she only has a personal page up, and not a "fan" page. In her initial bitchy e-mail she also mentioned Twitter, to which I countered that the last time I checked only Antony and I even had Twitter accounts, let alone were using them. This stuff is easy enough to set up, but it looks like I may have to hijack their project e-mails and set all this crap up myself. I've been trying for over a month to get new photos from them (none seemed to be able to figure out that Ning crops a center square area out of a portrait or landscape shot, so ALL their "promo pictures" look like crap, so I'm figuring that if they can't simply e-mail me a file, doing anything more complex ain't going to happen from their end any time soon. Grrrrrrrrrr!

On a much, much better note, both of The Girls came home with straight-A report cards again, and Daughter #1 had (on this standardized test for 8th graders) five sections at 100% and 2 at 95%. It is so rewarding having smart kids ... just like I planned when I married their (mathematically optimal IQ-offset) mother.

I just hope that somebody hires me before I totally go off the deep end from the frustration of the damn job search. I am so SICK of working 16 hour days at this crap with so little to show for it. Last night on the Pagans Tonight radio show I even asked the guest reader if she was "picking up anything" about any of my recent phone interviews, and she indicated that she felt that this most recent one (the one with the university) was going to be the one to hire me, although she said she thought I was going to have more than one job offer in the next month or so. I hope she's right. I don't know how much longer I can keep up this pointless, soul-crushing grind.

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