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Who dat won da SuperBowl?

Wow ... that was a pretty good game! I was rooting for the Saints because I still haven't quit hating the Colts for beating my Bears in SuperBowl XLI, and since we had to go through the Saints to get there then, I figured I owed them some serious rooting. Looks like Mardi Gras is coming early this year!

There's been interesting Twitter traffic about the commercials. Needless to say, that Boost Mobile thing with a 25th anniversary version of the Super Bowl Shuffle caught my attention, but it seems that the only ones that were even half good were the "geezer" ones, the '85 Bears, the one with Betty White and Abe Vigoda playing football, and the reunited Griswolds (heck, you could even count the sad story of Montgomery Burns being brightened with a "Mean Joe Green" Coke moment). I think it's interesting that all the women hated the ads, where I found them at least the least contrived of the ads (not that they're trying to go for "big concept" there, but the extended versions are a hoot). I don't know how much money Denny's threw at the game, but the screaming chickens were "old" about 5 seconds into the screaming ... and the link was tenuous at best (it wasn't like they were adding chicken patties or something to the breakfast, just giving away a lot of eggs) ... very irritating. I also read a lot of buzz about the Doritos costume ... unless I missed a commercial in there, it was on-screen for about 1 second, whoop-de-do ... although the little kid slapping his mom's date and telling him "no touching my Doritos or my Mama" was cute in another spot (again unfocused message). The house made of (full) beer cans was amusing, but it seemed a set-up for more chaos than what was played out. Glad that the game was better than the ads this time.

This was quite a day, though ... hit my desk about 9am and worked through till gametime ... was about 6 hours "behind schedule" when I started, only about 3 hours "behind schedule" now, so that's pretty efficient. I still need to finish up a book review that I mostly got knocked out while The Girls were up at Dojo yesterday, but the "pressure" on that was off as the "Author Interview" that I'd hoped to have for tomorrow's The Job Stalker isn't going to happen until later, so I didn't need to have the review up today. Still have to figure out what I'm going to write about next week.

Speaking of The Job Stalker, over there ===> is the latest (albeit from Friday), with another bunch of links. I wish my efforts on that were "more appreciated", as it really is the product of a buttload of research time, and I can't even get people to comment to let me know if they'd like to see an on-going document with all that stuff in one place. Bums me out. This weekend was a hard-sell on getting clicks there too ... at least as I can see from the figures ... they STILL haven't gotten things set up on Chicago Now so that I can see my stats, which should have been coming to me in a daily e-mail for four months now! Grumble, grumble, grumble.

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