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I got some ink ... errr, pixels ...

<=== Well, lookie there ... The Job Stalker got some coverage in another Chicago Now blog, ChicagoSphere! I'd done an e-mail interview with its author a couple of weeks back, and the piece ran today.

More info on this is over there ===> in the latest post (yes, for the first time in ages I'm getting the link up right after getting the post up!). Clicky-clicky for all the details and generating that half-penny of revenue!

I'd hoped to have had the "author interview" for Crush It! up this week, but Vaynerchuk's staff (yes, he has a whole organization) was one place and he was someplace else and it didn't get done in time for this week, so I'm really hoping that will find its way to my e-mail before Sunday night. Of course, y'all have already read the review (you did read it, didn't you?), so you're ahead of my Chicago Now audience, who must be on pins & needles with anticipation at this point. Right.

I got in a couple of MORE books from a publisher yesterday, and plan to have the first of those ready for review/interview treatment a week from Monday, so I'm hoping "Gary's people" get that e-mail interview I sent in to him and he gets a chance to get that back to me so I don't end up getting "backed up" on these.

As you'd know had you rushed off to read the new post, I had networking things both of the past two nights, and had another that I was thinking about going to tonight, but tomorrow is Daughter #2's tenth birthday, and I had stuff to get done for that, and I was drifting back into the "six hours behind schedule" zone again, so I opted to stay home and work on stuff instead.

On the job search front, I'm getting nervous that I haven't heard anything in the wake of those two phone interviews, which are now a week and a half and two weeks ago. Needless to say, this is bumming me out, as either would have been very cool gigs. I did get three possibilities come in for part-time and project things, so I'm going after those at the moment. I am just so sick of the hunt ... I want somebody to hire me so I can actually get down to work!

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