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This again ...

Arrgh ... I've really not intended for there to be an on-going gap between the posts to The Job Stalker and my flogging them in here, but sometimes I either can't get to this, or mean to get to this but fall asleep a the keyboard. This was of the latter sort.

As I've bitched about previously, I "held space" the past two weeks for an author interview that looks like it's going to be a long time coming ... last week I just left a "hole" but felt like I was slacking, so figured I needed to get something up. Fortunately, I had the new Swag Store to talk about, and finally figured out a way to pass along the "archive" file of the "link dumps" I've been doing on Fridays in there. The list is pretty impressive, up to a solid 8 pages at this point, and I figured that I could just save a .doc file with the hyperlinks and everybody would be able to use 'em (I tried saving that off as a .html file, but the code was ugly, messy, and needed a lot of fix-up, and as the list needs to be re-done every week - it's ongoingly alphabetized - I wanted something that I didn't have to "massage" into a presentable form). Also, Conor Cunneen had conveniently just put up a new e-book on his site, so I was able to focus on that as well ... none of these were "enough" for a post on their own, so it was handy to have the bunch of things to lump together into an "assorted news" entry. As usual, the clicky-clicky is over there ===>

On the "much better news front", I heard back from one of the places that I'd had a phone interview with a couple of weeks back, and I'll be going in for a face-to-face interview next week on that. This is a very exciting gig, with a major educational institution, in the city (I could walk or take the bus or the el), and into a group that's just being developed (so my role could be customized to my skill set) high up on the organizational chart. It's got a whole lot of stuff going for it that makes me excited, so I'm really, really hoping that this is going to go well. However, the meeting is scheduled with two HR gals, and not with the person who's creating the group, so even if this goes well, it's likely just another step in the filtering process ... I'm guessing I'm one of six to nine folks they're calling in, and if I "pass", I'll probably be one of 2-3 to meet with The Boss for a final determination. This would be an awesome fit for me, so light a candle, sacrifice a chicken, or whatever gets the vibe moving for your communications with the universe for me to GET HIRED!

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