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Hey, all ... this was forwarded to me by polaris93 who got it from Prince Lazarus Long of New Utopia, who got it from some of his associates. It is entitled "The Beginning of The Nightmare ... Beyond September 11th, 2001" and has details about stuff that I hadn't heard a peep about previously. Since it is "bad form" posting e-mail like this, I'm deleting out all the addresses and stuff and tucking this behind an LJ-cut tag ... but you DO want to check this out!

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Subj: FWD: The Beginning of The Nightmare...Beyond September 11th, 2001.....
Date: 10/12/2001 3:50:27 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Polaris93
Subj: Fw: The Beginning of The Nightmare...Beyond September 11th, 2001.....
Date: 10/12/01 11:56:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: #####@########## (Lazarus Long) To: #####@########## (Matthew Kristof)

This came to me and I don't know how much is real, but thought I would pass it on.


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From: Paul R. Hollrah
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2001 6:54 PM
Subject: Fw: The Beginning of The Nightmare...Beyond September 11th, 2001.....

The following is from my friend and neighbor, Craig Roberts. Craig is now retired, but he was the Tulsa police detective assigned to the investigation of the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.


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From: Craig Roberts
Date: Saturday, October 06, 2001 9:13 AM
Subject: Re: The Beginning of The Nightmare...Beyond September 11th, 2001.....


You are correct in what you say below. As one who has recently retired from the police and intelligence world, here is what we already knew in 1995 when I was involved in investigating the OKC bombing case....

1. 3,500 former Iraqi POWs were brought into this country illegally by the Clinton regime in 1993 (12 of them were involved in the OKC event). We think there were 1500 more later, making a total of 5,000...many of which were Iraqi Republican Guards (with officers) who were responsible for blowing up the oil fields in Kuwait (so they knew explosived).

2. They came in thru Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania (well documented by the VFW and American Legion magazines) and eventually were "resettled" around the country in cities from Boston to Los Angeles. We know of cells that were formed in Boston, NYC, D.C., Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, DFW, OKC, Tulsa, and Kansas City to name a few.

3. Many became players in the fundraising bashes put on for HAMAS and Hezballah and Islamic Jihad.

4. They had connections to both Osama bin Laden thru Cebu City in the Phillippines (where Ramzi Yousef came from) and to Mexican cocaine connections (Juan Garcia Abrego).

5. We received reports that Moslem women were smuggling biological agents into this country under their robes (and inside their bodies in sealed metal tubes). Some were informed on and caught by Border Patrol and Customs. (New Orleans and Seattle are two ports that made apprehensions).

6. We know that Cosco, the Chinese "importer" brought Sealift containers full of weapons (AKs, RPDs and etc.) into this country and some were intercepted in Long Beach and San Diego by Customs and I think the LASO.

7. The Jihad types allegedly have been setting up clandestine labs to home brew bio agents. The agents are allegedly Anthrax, Hemorragic Fever, Plague and some cocktail virus. No word (that I have heard of) of them having nerve agents or other chem weapons. They may, but I was never informed of it.

I think they have been staying low profile and are waiting for the green light to hit with this stuff. Everyone should be aware of any middle eastern types (males) who live together with several in one house, but only one name on the rent contract (probably bogus) and they always pay cash. They stay to themselves, communicate only on cell phones, dress well, drive nice cars, and are of military age. They may or may not go to Mosque, but they do pray 5 times a day.
Anyway, that's the current sitrep in a nutshell.


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From: LarrySays
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2001 3:26 PM
Subject: Fw: The Beginning of The Nightmare...Beyond September 11th, 2001.....

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From: LarrySays
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2001 1:15 PM
Subject: The Beginning of The Nightmare...Beyond September 11th, 2001.....

Today, after updating myself on all the main issues regarding our "New War", I am afraid the following is clear:
We have not experienced the worse yet. Because of our open society, I suspect several thousand individuals involved in the Jihad are currently in place throughout our Nation, and many more tragedies are still pending here at home.

It is obvious to me that bio-chemical attacks (anthrax, etc.) are inevitable around our Nation, as well as additional manufactured mass transit disasters, nationally and internationally. I do NOT believe the Siberian Airlines crash into the Black Sea yesterday was coincidental - it was terrorist-related, guaranteed. If these maniacs are the hideous creatures I suspect they are, I fear attacks are inevitable on our children as well ~ schools may be targeted.

The terrorist factions (cells) are all in place, in what they consider the "Front Line" for the battle of the holy war. With this accomplished, their version of the "Tet" offensive has begun....and nothing that is "American" is sacred to them.

Remember what we treasure ~ life, our young, our monuments, our way of life - our freedom.... these will be our enemy's targets here at home.

My faith lies in our God and our Country to overcome this immense evil.....but the price is going to be high for all of us...

....The Holy War has truly begun against our "One Nation, Under God" country, and Prayer is going to be our strongest weapon ~ Please Use it.

L. Ingraham
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