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Damn ...

Oh, man ... Daughter #2 (the one who just turned 10) had her Nintendo DS and all her games stolen at school. She'd had them in a case in her lunch bag and had left that there over-night (yeah, stupid to have brought it to school, stupid to have put it in her lunch bag, and way stupid to have left it there) and today when she retrieved her bag, no case, no DS, no games. There was still a little bear that had been attached to the case, so somebody had gotten into it (removing the bear), discovered that the case was worth stealing, and made off with it. Sure, it's hard to imagine somebody rifling through the kids' lunch bags (hers is an insulated Hannah Montana thing), but that appears to be what happened.

The Wife was "behind schedule" today and had me go pick up #2 at the bus, and I could tell that something was "off" with her, and she looked as though she'd been crying, but she swore up and down to me that she was fine and that she had just been outside and was cold. I then heard her telling her mom about this (I guess she's afraid that I'd make a scene had I known). I figured the total loss on this was probably $250.00, as it's not only the DS unit (which she got for her birthday a year ago, I think), but a number of games that she'd been given since.

Needless to say, this sort of thing cuts me to the core, as we don't have the money to replace it, and that's MY FAULT. If I was in a job making high five-figures, we'd be able to do something about this, but instead it's a big bleeding hole in our family at the moment, as it was a favored toy for both of The Girls, and now it's gone and Daddy can't do anything about it. I, obviously, suck as a Father since I can't provide for my family.

Anyway ... over there's another lovely The Job Stalker episode ===> ... there's actually another post past that, but I guess I suck as a LiveJournaller since I'm constantly falling asleep at my desk rather than getting everything done on my "to-do" list. I feel like bashing my head with bricks (let alone what I'm wishing on the #$%^&*@ who stole my kid's game system!).

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