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Wow ... has it really been since Monday since I checked in with a post here? Ooops! How'd that happen?

I haven't been posting over in The Job Stalker either ... last post was the one over there ===> which was also on Monday (well, OK, I put up another earlier today). Do go check that out, because it's featuring an interview with Social Media star Chris Brogan, and I'm very appreciative of him taking the time to help me out with that!

When I left off in here, I was anticipating having a face-to-face job interview, which I did have on Tuesday. I knew going in that it was just going to be with two HR gals, and not with the Boss, so it was another "qualification round". Unfortunately, I have NO idea "how it went" ... I don't feel like I screwed up at all, and felt I was at least 95% "on", but there was nothing coming across the table that was giving me a "read". Of course, this might be a good thing, as the last in-person interview I was at (in December) I thought I'd aced, and I ended up not hearing anything back! So, maybe my being "questioning" on this is a good sign. They noted that I'd hear from them next week, and (needless to say), I'm hoping that I'm going to be in the group that they'll call in for the next round!

One of the reasons I've not been posting has been that I've been out at networking events all week ... it was a crazy week on that front, as I had about thirteen events that I was interested in going to with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all being "triple booked" in the evenings!

Anyway, I have a book review ready to roll, which I post later tonight, but wanted to check in ... very surprised that I was AWOL since Monday, but given my schedule, I guess I just let it slide!

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