BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Anybody use "CompactFlash" memory?

(sigh) The other day The Wife needed to go take pictures of some stuff for a part-time project she's doing, and wanted to start a new memory card just for that. Now, The Wife is about as "non-technical" as they come (she still uses AOL for 90% of her web experience), and even though I'd walked her through the whole process of getting a memory card (and batteries) in and out of the camera, she obviously "didn't get" the concept that the camera took a specific type of memory card (in this case SD). She stopped into the grocery store and, rather than getting a 2gb SD card for the same price, inexplicably grabbed a 64mb SanDisk "Shoot & Store" CompactFlash card instead (in retrospect, I have a good guess why this happened, as the card says "100 pictures" on it, and she must have figured that was about what she needed). By the time that she'd ripped open the packaging and discovered that the CompactFlash card was WAY too big for the camera, it was no longer in "returnable" condition.

So, I have a 64mb CompactFlash card (in a clear plastic case) sitting here that she spent something like $15 on. Anybody out there have a camera that uses CompactFlash?

I'd ideally like to swap this for an equivalent-value SD card ... so if you have need of a (admittedly, low-capacity at 64mb) CompactFlash card (or knows somebody who might), please let me know ... I really don't feel like going through the hassle of doing eBay with this, but it irritates the living hell out of me to see the money disappear like this!

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