BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"Oh, Canada" ... eh?

So, I've not really been paying a lot of attention to the Olympics ... sure, I'll check the medal count in the Trib in the morning, and have been at least cognizant that "Team USA" has been doing pretty well in hockey, but up till this afternoon, the only thing that was ever on TV when I was flipping the dial was curling, which I half suspect was made up for The Beatles movie Help! in the '60s (like how the jet-ski was invented for a Bond movie).

Anyway, ever since the US and Canada advanced to the Gold Medal round, I was sort of hoping that there'd be a regulation tie and that Canada would win in overtime and avoid a guilt-inducing wave of suicides among the Hockey Religionists up there in the Great White North. Now, don't call me a hose-head for rooting against our guys, it's just that, well, I really don't care about hockey (the Blackhawks have been notoriously not televised for most of my life), and I know a lot of Canadians on Twitter who would be very depressed to have to settle for Silver. So, I dragged myself away from the computer, and sat down to watch the 3rd period, and one could hardly ask for a more dramatic end to "regulation" (or whatever it's called in Hockey), with the US tying the game with twenty-some seconds left on the clock), followed by what I take to have been a fairly robust run of overtime before the Canadians scored (I was unaware it was "sudden death" like football, sort of expecting multiple OT periods). I guess I must be psycho psychic and all, eh?

Just in case you were still feeling a bit abandoned from my extensive silence of last week, and would like to know the minutia of my absence, my The Job Stalker post from Friday (conveniently located just over there ===> for near effortless clicky-clicky) goes into detail about where I was and what I was doing ... and, after all, every half-cent helps. If that wasn't enough to get you clicking through, there's a groan-worthy visual pun involved that you'll miss if you don't mouse your unique-page-viewing eyeballs over there!

Oh, and, if you hear of anybody who needs "CompactFlash" cards for their camera, do point them at this post ... I'd love to swap that for an SD if I could!

My computer (still the old "Frankenstein") is moving like molasses today, so I'm hoping to get the stuff cleaned out that's stacked up in FireFox awaiting my attention (sixteen or so things I need to get resumes out for) so I can reboot the computer. So, I guess I'll take off, eh, and get to that you know, for once eh?

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