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The crickets, chirping ...

I'm slightly confused (but you knew that) ... over the weekend I had a really remarkable turn-around on getting an e-mail interview from the author of Crazy Busy (reviewed here on Monday), so that I'd gotten that piece ===> up in The Job Stalker on Monday as well. I thought I wrote a pretty decent post in both places, but the traffic on it just bombed (at least what I can tell from the stats on the link) ... having like half what an average post would have. I put up 4 Tweets for each Job Stalker entry, spread out over like 36 hours, from @TheJobStalker and re-tweet these from @BTRIPP, so there are 8 tweets featuring each post's specific URL ... and I have no clue why it's done so poorly. Maybe because I'm only now telling all of YOU to go have a look? Nah, there are typically only 3-5 clicks coming from LiveJournal, so it couldn't be that.

In other news, I still haven't heard from the folks I interviewed with last week. They did say it would be at least a week, but it's now day #8 and I'm getting nervous. This is always a sticky thing ... when do you call to see what's up? That last in-person interview I had ended up VERY ugly ... not the interview itself, but when I sent an e-mail to the HR gal who had set it up (3 weeks or so later), I got a "boilerplate" .pdf file about how they were going in another direction, yadda, yadda, yadda, within the hour of my sending my e-mail! Sort of makes me gun-shy on reaching out!

I had a contact with another Ad/PR agency today ... and although it sounds like I'm "not the guy they're looking for" on this particular opening, the fellow who contacted me (who I'd met via a networking event and had kept up with on Twitter) said he had some ideas of places that could use my talents and offered to help me make some connections ... which sure is better than the proverbial kick in the teeth.

I've been in a way cranky mood all week, as I'm SO DAMN SICK of being unemployed. I've had a number of "small victories", largely in things that are peripheral to my actual job search, which have been over-shadowed by nagging problems on other fronts. I just wish I could quit spending the hours I am on the job search and CREATE something, but I'm fresh out of ideas that seem to have any chance of producing a cash flow (although I have been tweaking a few things over on my Ning site in anticipating of doing more stuff over there), and we're careening towards a financial abyss here. Bleh. But you don't want to read that crap, do you?

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