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Passing these along ...

As anybody even slightly paying attention to this space knows, I'm in dire straits financially, and have been "pinching pennies" to the extreme (heck, when The Wife wants to pick up a $5 Subway sandwich for me, I'll usually opt for a $1 can of ravioli instead), so there is NO money for helping people out.

However, a couple of friends are trying to raise money for their projects and I figured that I could at least give them whatever exposure showing up here provides.

First of all is the fund-raising efforts of my client (I did most of their Ning site) Witch School International. They recently moved their HQ from downstate Illinois (it sounded like a good idea at the time) to Salem, MA. As part of their new presence in "witch city", they're looking to create a Witch Museum out of a previous attraction there. They don't need a lot of money to make this happen, but it would certainly help if some of the funding came from outside of their community. Click on the sign or HERE to go to the "KickStarter" site for the project.

Next up is a fund-raising project for the new book spearheaded by Jean Russell, whose Thrivable project weaves through both the Chicago non-profit community and the social media channels of the web. The book (click here or on the cover over ===> there for a web version) was previewed at the NetTuesday meetup I as at last week, and got it's official "unveiling" over the weekend at SXSW down in Austin, TX.

Jean (@nurturegirl on Twitter) is also looking to get some funding and has set up a "Pay It Forward" account for this.

Again, both of these are only looking for a relatively small amount of money, and one can give as little as a dollar through their respective fund-raising sites.

Needless to say, it "busts me up" that I can't help in a substantial way (back in my six-figure-salary days I would have been all over these), but I guess I can at least pass along the info! Do chip in if you feel you can and are so inclined.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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