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I should really make an effort to get the posts here synched up with the post over on The Job Stalker ... the one over there ===> is from Monday, and features an interview with Steve Garfield, the author of Get Seen (which you saw reviewed here a few posts back). I've since had another post there on Wednesday, and there's going to be another today (the end-of-the-week link dump). When I'd started writing that blog, adding a pitch in here was just part of my getting that "done" but that sort of slipped (trying to still be functional at 4am is always a crap shoot).

Of course, I'm hoping to soon be "disqualified" for that blog ... I guess I'm "still in play" for the downtown university gig, the suburban medical association gig, and I was surprised with a phone interview (well, not "surprised" surprised, as the HR person had e-mailed me the evening before seeing what times might be good) yesterday for a position with a not-for-profit group. While I usually think that these phone interviews have gone swimmingly (what's not to like about getting to talk about myself?) this was the first time that I had pretty concrete indications that it had, indeed, gone well, as the interviewer told me that he was definitely going to put me in the group he was recommending. He noted that the hiring manager wanted to have this role "filled yesterday" and so they were fast-tracking it, and he'd selected 8 resumes for phone interviews, was going to pass along about 5 of those to the hiring manager, and she is likely to select 3-5 of those for a phone interview next week, an then bring in 2-3 folks for final interviews. So, I'm at least in the group that's ending up on her desk this week, and it sounded like he thought I was a very good match for what they're looking for. Their location, while not right downtown, is only about 4 blocks from a Red Line stop, so it would be a fairly painless commute. Again, nothing's "for sure", but at least three places are currently considering me!

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