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So, that book review, the one you skipped over yesterday? It was my 4,000th post on LiveJournal! Now, I know that some people have lots more posts than that, but some folks will re-post every damn video they run across too ... and for me 4k posts is one heck of a lot of verbiage. I figured it was worth noting.

Speaking of noting stuff ... I'm just over a month away from my 10th year anniversary on L.J. ... Cinco de Mayo is my anniversary, and I was the 2,663rd person to sign up over here (migrating in from IRC with the other #anacam folks). Last week (3/24) was my Second Life avatar's (Eschatos Graves) third "rezday" ... and tomorrow (3/20) is my 3rd Twitter anniversary. Ain't I all socially media like?

Well, over there ===> is a link to Friday's The Job Stalker post. It features both another slug of high-quality job search reading plus a detailed description of some of the stuff I've been going through in my own job search. Not to get all passive-aggressive, but if you loved me you'd click.

I got another post up about my weekend book reviews (I wasn't going to feature Viral Loop in there, but since I couldn't wring an interview out of the Fired! folks, I threw it in for shits and giggles) today ... so I'm almost current here. One of these days I'll get this back into lockstep with that, but it's not going to be today.

Speaking of current events ... I have FOUR networking events scheduled over a 27-hour period starting this evening ... either it's going to be a brilliant bit of scheduling, or I'm going to have to retire to the couch all day on Wednesday ... we'll see how that plays out. Needless to say, all the gory details will be appearing, probably a link away (gotta do something for content over on TJS!).

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