BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Never enough hours in the day ...

(sigh) Just not enough hours in the day ... every day ... every day ... every day.

I spend about 18 hours a day grinding through the job search as I've defined it ... plowing through five hundred or so sources on Twitter every day, looking at every post, pulling out plausible sounding job openings, saving links to interesting articles and posts (for my weekly "link dump" over on The Job Stalker), then trying to get the time blocked out to actually apply to the jobs I found (which is hard to predict, some can be a few clicks, some take an hour of form-filling). As noted, I've been averaging 50-60 resumes out a month, which I'm guessing is "good", although so far fairly disappointing in its results.

Plus, of course, I try to get out to at least two "networking events" per week, as well as participating in web-based conferences, etc. On Wednesday night I ended up going to a function hosted by the Tribune for a visiting Washington corespondent ... it was interesting in that they had put open invites in both the print edition and via @ColonelTribune over on Twitter, but it appears that only about 3 "readers" showed up, to about 20 Trib folks. Aside from getting a chance to chat with a couple of Trib folks that I really had wanted to get to know better, I also got to catch up with a gal that was a good friend of ours back in my PR days, and I'd not seen her in 15 years!

Last night I was also having a "return to old familiar places", going to a TweetUp for the Twitter #latenightcrowd which didn't start until 11pm. This was up in the Broadway & Lawrence area, home to the Aragon, Riviera, and the now-shuttered Uptown theaters, where 30 years ago I'd be seeing concerts almost every weekend. It was, however, very odd for me being out at those hours (not being up of course, but being away from my computer/office) in recent years. Another reminder of how freak'n old I've gotten! I was amazed at the crowd that did make it out to that, with a mix of familiar faces, and ones that I'd previously only known from their Twitter icons.

Anyway ... I'm behind things again in here vis-a-vis the TJS postings. Clicking over there ===> will get you to a rare mid-week piece that features some very interesting charts, from a time-line of month-by-month unemployment rates (a WSJ interactive graphic) since the 40's to a map showing where the highest and lowest "official" unemployment rates are (North Dakota, here I come). Interesting stuff, in a depressing kind of way.

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