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Uh-oh ... it looks like I got myself signed up for another networking marathon. Well, not so bad this time since I don't have to get up crack-of-dawn for a breakfast thing, I guess. I was off at a MeetUp tonight, for the Chicago Media-Marketing & Advertising Group. It was kind of odd in that the subject of the evening was "Augmented Reality" but there was no A/V set up so we could mess around with any of this stuff ... just the guy talking. If there was ever a subject that needed to have a projection screen hooked up to a computer, it would be AR! Oh, well ... most of the folks in the room were at least conversant on the topic, so we got to just imagine what the guy was describing!

Ran into an "Agency Guy" there ... I'd made contact with him previously (although he's changed jobs since) and he was mentioning that they were just swamped with development on all sorts of hush-hush stuff ... so I was right up with the "are you HIRING?" question. He indicated that they might indeed be looking to fill a few slots very soon, so I have another person to start following up with.

Speaking of contacts and people on the web and stuff like that ... I was Googling to see if I could find a boffo link to put in here for "Augmented Reality" (didn't find anything worth bothering you with {EDIT: THIS is pretty cool, though I couldn't pull an embed code off of it!}), and I noticed something odd. Now, I never signed up for Google Buzz, but on the bottom of the first page of results on that search was a section "Results from people in your social circle ..." which had a couple of posts from folks that I've had contact via GMail. Very odd ... an somewhat disconcerting.

Anyway, I'm getting behind again on posting in here vs. posting on The Job Stalker ... that one over there ===> is from Friday (as if you couldn't guess from the pic) with my weekly "dump of links". I don't know why, but that particular post has performed very poorly (at least in terms of's stats), with less than half the usual click-throughs. Obviously, I'm only mildly conversant with SEO conventions, but I wish I had a good way to analyze why some of my Tweets about those posts draw clicks and others just don't. It goes without saying that your clicky-clicky from here will push those numbers up a bit!

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