BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, there you go ...

Had an odd thing happen in here this morning (eliciting a rare breakfast-time post from me) ... I was getting into my e-mail, and there was a comment to a LJ post in there. A "spam" comment with links going off to the poster's affiliate stores. Now, I assume that this happens with a certain frequency around LJ as a whole, but I've not (fortunately) seen more than a couple of instances of that in my journal. What was almost bizarre about this, however, was that the post to which the spammy comment was appended, was from 2005 and it wasn't even made to the post itself but to a pre-existing comment to that post! I mean, aside from getting my (non-clicking) attention, what in the world does the spammer think this will achieve? I assume this is a bot of some sort that looks for keywords and then posts its list of links a comment, but one would think that if one was going to do something like that, one would install filters that limited it to posts going back only a month or so! How odd.

Anyway, since I'm in here ... the networking marathon turned into less of a marathon, as I had to miss part of it due to having Daughter #1 home sick the first half of the week and the only time her doctor could see her was at the same time as a luncheon I was going to be attending. I did have a meeting with an agency guy on Wednesday about possibly picking up some freelance assignments (he's doing a model of "no staff", where he goes and makes the deals with the broad strokes and then pulls in people like me to make it happen, on an hourly basis). I also have a phone meeting scheduled this afternoon with another similar situation. I'd still prefer to get a JOB, but it would certainly help having some assignments that were paying reasonably well.

Yeah, there's going to be another The Job Stalker post later today, but for the time being that ===> catches you up. This one was a bit of a crap shoot ... it's info from a book that I was going to be reviewing this past Monday, but didn't get the "interview" back from the author ... one of the sections in the book was about other job search books that he recommended, and I extracted that list (minus his commentary) and did the post. Despite getting my usual Twitter coverage, this got very little click-through ... don't know why.

I was trying to work up a "plan B" for my Friday post as, through Wednesday I had no article links on hand for my weekly "best of my Twitter reading" post, but over the past 36 hours enough have come through that, although it might be a little leaner than usual, I'll have that good-to-go. Now I just need to get this damn book reviewed (I'm SO sick of reading job search and other "business" books!) so I can go with that for Monday.

Like you care about all this minutia of my blitherings ...

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