BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Strange days, indeed ...

I guess this is where the "SEO" voodoo comes in ... I can never predict which of the posts over on The Job Stalker will get traffic and which ones won't (not that any of them get a TON of traffic, even when re-Tweeted by "big dogs" they rarely crack 100 click-throughs on the URLs). The post over there ===> is an example of this. I got about twice my usual traffic through on it, and can't figure out why ... and that's not even counting the boost that having these show up in here brings.

As you know, part of my incessant Twitter reading is to get articles to pass along in that blog ... but it's weird how things break out ... I had ZERO links on Wednesday, but had 11 by Friday afternoon (and already have 5 for next week's post). (sigh) I guess if I had a solid handle of the "why" (and "how") on these things I'd be getting wheelbarrows full of cash dumped at my doorstep.

Speaking of that sort of prescience, out of the 10 "plausible" job postings that I dug up this morning, one of them was looking for somebody (for just a "manager" position) that had "7+ years of full time internet marketing experience" ... obviously written by somebody unfamiliar with "internet marketing" (hell, PayPal's Web Services only went live six years ago!). It just kills me when I see "requirements" which are clueless within the context of the actual job (although, I would point out, that I started my first "e-commerce" site, albeit requiring e-mail orders, back in 1996). Finding somebody who'd done over seven years of full time internet marketing is more likely going to have to be from the c-level suites. Silly beancounters (it was one of those sorts of companies)!

On the subject of "jobs I should have" I wonder why I'm not doing PR for a publishing house or in a firm that promotes books (or, more accurately, why I've not been hired, I've applied for a lot of 'em). I have encountered more brickwall SNAFUs over trying to get these little 8-question e-mail interviews done ... the disinterest/incompetence I've been seeing has been mortifying. Being both a former publisher and a former PR pro, I'm aghast at the lengths I've had to go to try to give some free coverage to some books! It's looking like I'm going to have another "ugly story" in Monday's The Job Stalker instead of an Author Interview to point people back to that most recent book review. It's like a punch in the gut to me that these people have jobs and I don't!

Anyway, clicky-clikcy to make those numbers creep up a bit and make me feel better about there being some people reading my scribblings ... I gotta get back to cranking out the resumes.

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