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OK ... so, I've been on the Internet a long time, since the mid-80's at least, and most of that time I've been the ONLY "Brendan Tripp" (although there is a minister out there with Brendan as a middle name). Of course, I've had to be diligent in fending off "cheap imitation" BTRIPPs, the Bobs, Betties, Bills, Barbaras, and whatever who have tried to encroach on my web territory (many of whom are stupid enough not to know that their e-mail address has extra characters, so I end up getting a lot of mis-directed mail).

This, however, came as a bit of a surprise ...

Now, I had become aware of that "Brendan Tripp" (he's the rather dark fellow in the image), who is a 20-ish hip-hop aficionado from somewhere down south. He also appears to be fairly active on various Social Media vehicles, so he pops up in my self-referential Google Alerts from time to time. Oddly, he's requested to Friend me on FaceBook. Don't think that's going to happen (not so much on the basis that he's a "cheap imitation" as I don't tend to "Friend" folks that I don't actually know over there).

I mean, I guess statistically it was bound to happen someday; "Brendan", while not "Bob" or "Bill" is not off on the outer fringes of usage like, oh, say, "Balthazar"; and "Tripp", while not a "Smith" or "Jones", isn't any "Toh'Kaht" or "Teletubby" ... so the combination was going to come up eventually. It's just that I've gone fifty plus years being damn near the only "Brendan" I'd ever heard of, and 25 years of apparent uniqueness on the web.

So, it's certainly a shock to find that I'm suddenly being called one of the World's Best Black People! Who knew?

heh ...

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