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I'm beginning to think that there might be some "from my Tweets to God's ear" thing going on. As I've noted before, nearly every time I've gotten exasperated enough to do an "AAAAUUUUGH!" sort of Tweet, almost immediately something's come through (usually it's been a phone interview). Well, this morning I tweeted:

I guess I should have been more specific (like "to a high-paying executive job") because within a few hours of Tweeting that, I got a call from the Census. I'm going in on Thursday morning for my training day as an "office clerk", and will likely start next week. I'm going to be making about $500/week for 8 weeks, which is four grand more than I have coming in right now, but it's nowhere near "what I need to be bringing in" job-wise. One odd thing about this is the shift that I'll be working ... from 3:15pm to 11:45pm ... good thing I'm a "night person". I would have made almost half again as much had I signed up for the door-to-door gig, but I figured with my bum knee and iffy ankles (left over from the car crash in '93), doing "desk duty" was probably a better bet for me than risking getting a whole schedule of 3rd floor walk-ups!

This is reasonably convenient as I will be able to keep up the "real job" search in the mornings, and will be able to go off for interviews (assuming I'm going to be getting further interviews) before going in to the Census office. Although this is "full time work" (8 hours a day, five days a week), I'm still counting it as "part time". However, this came along out of nearly pure Kismet, and I've been strongly counseled in the past to follow those sorts of leads, so maybe this will be putting me in a place which will open up some other doors (one of my long-time "target companies" has its HQ right around the corner from the Census office, for example!).

I'm certainly hoping that I'll be getting more interviews, though ... I just sent out 18 resumes today, bringing my total for April up to 99 jobs applied for ... and that ain't slacking.

The one thing that will suffer from this is my networking ... although if I caught the details right, it sounds like this is a 24/7 office, so if something particularly enticing was coming up, I could grab the Sunday shift instead of a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I guess I'm not going to suddenly drop being The Job Stalker, though ... even if my most recent post (over there ===>) was suggesting that I was pretty much ready to move on (although I was thinking more of "into a nice cushy PR/web/SocialMedia gig).

Anyway ... give the pic some clicky-clicky love ... I just heard the the Trib sent another whopping $2.33 into my checking account, which buys me another couple of hours over at the Barnes & Nobel cafe!

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