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So ... today is the start of the new experiment ... down at the Census I volunteered to move to 3rd shift, so I'll be working from Midnight to 8:30am ... I figured it would just be like my "clubbing days", but without the Punk/Goth music and a whole lot more light. The biggest challenge will be trying to schedule sleep ... I'm hoping that I'll be able to do 9am-1pm and then a nap in the late evening. I pretty much need to be out of here by 11pm, though.

The post from The Job Stalker over there ===> is dealing with this whole Census "job" thing. Obviously, getting paid for some of my time is A Good Thing, but it seems on other levels "time misspent" that should be focused on finding a "real" job. Give it some clicky-clicky for all the gory details. Oh, and that's a pic featuring an avatar from Second Life's Torley Linden, which I found in a creative commons search for "man with briefcase"!

We ended up going to see Iron Man 2 for Mothers Day ... at the suggestion of The Wife (yes, I'd been thinking of us going down to Celtic Fest, but she thought the movie would be better) ... followed by a late lunch at the Nordstroms Cafe (her choice as well). This is a "hidden gem" on Michigan Avenue as you can get a Tuscan Grilled Salmon & Vegetables for only a couple of bucks more than a burger will set you back most places around there!

Anyway, I just got caught up on my Twitter reading for the past couple of days (I've been "saving" the pages to my desktop to not lose chunks of time and can get back to them when I have the hours), so I'm now off to try to do a nap before I get my act together to get downtown. More later.

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