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Sleep ... what's that?

What was the phrase that Vonnegut used about Billy Pilgrim? "Unstuck in time"? That's sort of how I've been feeling on this 3rd shift at the Census. Out of a 24-hour day, I spend about 10 either there or in transit, so have about 14 to divvy up between sleep and job search and other stuff. I typically get home by 9:30, plop myself down in the kitchen and have a bite, watch about 15 minutes of TV, and then stumble back in here to catch up as much as I can on the over-night Tweeting (usually just running the Twitter web portal back the 40 pages of tweets it will allow, for later reading ... the process of "capturing" that will take 5-10 minutes, while reading through the resulting 800 tweets will usually be a half hour or so - and I currently have 16 blocks of 800 tweets downloaded to my desktop, unread), and seeing what's come in via e-mail. Usually I'll have something that "I need to get done" and will work on that and then crawl off to bed at around 11am, and try to sleep till 3pm. Then other stuff (phone calls, deliveries, having to go pick up Daughter #2 somewhere), will intrude and I'm back up ... then trying to catch up on stuff on the web until about 8, when I'll again try to get another couple of hours of sleep, before heading back downtown at 11pm for my midnight shift.

This was complicated this week by my having phone interviews on both Thursday and Friday, Thursday with a guy I've met via networking (who works at an agency that I certainly wouldn't mind being at) who's coming out with a book that he's like my advice/assistance on, and Friday a "phone interview" for a communications gig with a non-profit out in the suburbs. Both of these went very well, and, in the case of the latter, the hiring manager (which would be the person that the position reports to) is very eager to get this slot filled, and whoever they end up picking (ME!!! ME!!! ME!!!) could be starting as soon as June 1. While I'm very excited about the possibilities there, I am clearly "overqualified" for the particular gig (the HR gal noted I was likely looking for a more senior position, although I certainly was a home-run for everything they were looking for in that particular slot) and have had to do some tap-dancing about how the specifics of the job were such that I would be very happy in it. Needless to say, I would be THRILLED to be working at this non-profit next month rather than over-night at the Census. It's funny that my commute up there would be pretty much just like my commute initially to Simuality (before that moved into the downtown part of Evanston), with my taking the Purple Line up there and then connecting to a Pace Bus (actually, I would have two options, one with the Purple Line and one with Yellow Line, buses from which would put me within a block or so of their offices, just from different directions).

Anyway, this is all (aside from catching you up on stuff) to excuse another long gap in The Job Stalker info ... things have got funky with that as well, with my expected drop-off in stuff to share finally hitting last week (if I can't keep up with my Twitter reading, my "ArticleLinks" file is pretty empty, this is the first weekend since November that I've not had a "link dump" post, as at the moment I have only 4 things on hand). The post over there ===> is from last week's links, when things (my reading time) started to dry up. I do have a rather exciting thing coming up on Monday, however, a book review with an interview with an author who is notoriously unwilling to do interviews ... it's something of a coup to have had him "play ball" with me on my little questionnaire!

Oh, by the way ... to share a funny ... The Wife called up to remind Daughter #1 to put the wash into the dryer, and told her to be sure to put "one of those cling-on sheets" in ... to which I said: KLINGON SHEETS?! ... It must be a Good Day to DRY! ... waka-waka.

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