BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I have been a fucking WRECK all day ...

Man ... this death-spiral into destitution really sucks ... I've gotten to the point where I break out crying at the slightest fucking thing ... and I'm the sort of guy who typically does NOT cry unless unduly provoked. I broke down six times today ... with as innocuous triggers as not being able to fold down this "castle" thing (incompetence), not being able to get The Wife's new computer functioning (incompetence again), fixing a Barney videotape that had busted (one thing I was able to do), seeing a window display for that new Monsters, Inc. movie (stuff I can't afford to buy The Girls), looking out the window (going to lose the view along with the apartment), etc., etc., etc. ... damn hard to get anything done when I'm on a hair trigger for blubbering melt-down. Sucks being me ... big time.

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