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(sigh) It must be my having grown up in the PR industry ... I just "don't get it" when folks aren't all over it ("like white on rice" as it were) when I make promotional opportunities available. I had been in some back-and-forth Twitter discussions with the "on-line manager" of MicroTrain over the past few weeks and decided to do a segment on him/them. Which is the post over there ===> which I think went very well. I sort of liked the concept for a mid-week feature and have offered to do similar profiles with a few other folks I've had contact with (either in networking situations or on Twitter), and have heard nothing (and, heck, @microtrain didn't even re-tweet the posts about this piece!). I just don't get it ... really, it's such a "like breathing" kind of thing for me that I can't understand folks not enthusiastically lining up. Go figure.

I have a couple of other points I'd like to interject in here, but I just realized that they would be the core points of two more Job Stalker themed posts, so I guess I'll sit on 'em for the moment!

This schedule is killing me. Or, I guess, my insistence of still trying to wring out 12 hours of "job search" from a day that has 10 hours of "Census Clerk" knocked out of it already is killing me. If I wanted 36-48-72 hour days before now, I'm really aching for time these days. I'm way backed up on writing reviews for books (I have a stack of six waiting for me here), but it seems that those are only going to get done on Saturdays, so there's going to be a lag. I've been plowing through some job-search titles from Ten Speed Press of late, so at least I'm going to have material for Chicago Now.

Anyway ... got 15 minutes to get my act together and head out the door for 3rd shift. Later.

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