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Well, this one was a bit of a "feather in my cap" as far as the book review/interview game goes. The author of The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss, is notorious for being hard to reach, and unwilling to do interviews. When I was reading his book, I contacted his agent, the PR folks at his publishers', and his assistant (as listed on his web site). I'd had various e-mails back-and-forth with the PR gal at Crown, and she was pretty sure this was "no how, no way" ... however, for whatever reason, Ferriss' assistant saw something in my request which seemed "worthy" and passed it along to her boss, who eventually managed to block out 15 minutes for a phone call (between planes, or whatever) to do my little interview thing. The post over there ===> has this. Go me! I just wish I had been able to be more enthusiastic about the book ... I feel bad that it wasn't a rave review since Ferriss had made a notable exception to his usual rules to help me out.

I'm trying to get a whole bunch of projects knocked down today ... with the clock ticking since I have to be back down at the Census at midnight. Yes. The Census is 24/7 at this point and Major National Holidays don't mean squat. (sigh) You know, if they were paying me 3x what they are, all this would be OK ... but as things are, this is pretty much "just adding insult to injury"!

Anybody out there use ThunderBird for their mail program? I don't know if it's from their end, or from something else external, but ever since the latest auto upgrade a month or so back, I have been SWAMPED with spam. I don't know if there was some sort of spam filter that was operating before and just shunting off these (like Gmail does) before I see them, or what, but I'm suddenly having to manually delete dozens a day that are marked as spam. On the flip side of that, I have one regular correspondent whose e-mails now all come through marked as "may be a scam", causing me to jump through various hoops to respond to these. I've poked around a bit in the "tools" section but can't find anything specific to these issues. Anybody recently tweaked the new ThunderBird (3.0.4) to deal with anything like this? I suppose I could set up a Gmail to get my mail, but I've been using ThunderBird for a long time for that, and (as many of you know), am "change averse" for my computer stuff (duh ... this in a journal that's still showing up in LiveJournal 1.0 "Model T black"!)

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