BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Arrgh ...

So, yesterday morning I get in from 3rd Shift at the Census, and do my usual check of e-mail, grab of Twitter, upload, download, etc. thing for a couple of hours, before slinking off to try to force a few hours of sleep in. I get up four hours later, and stumble into my office to find. There. Is. No. INTERNET.


After doing the basic unplug-replug, reboot, reset, etc. procedures, I then spend the next half hour or so on the phone with the AT&T DSL folks. It seems that our modem/router had given up the ghost whilst I slept. Actually, it seems like the power supply for it had given up the ghost, but (while that would only cost $10-15.00 to replace) it would take somewhere around a week to get another one and I have resumes to get out, The Wife has Stuff To Do, Daughter #1 had a paper to research, and Daughter #2 had Penguins to control ... so I knew that ANY DELAY was going to be a BAD THING, and I resigned myself to an afternoon in search of the elusive 2Wire 2701HG-B. Elusive in that the new neighborhood Best Buy didn't have it, and they let me know that the North Clark St. location also was out of stock, so I ended up heading off to the North Avenue location (which had 7).

Now, my knee has been in bad shape the past couple of days, and I really really didn't feel like making it climb out of the subway tunnel up at North & Clyborn (the most logical way to get from the Hancock Center Best Buy to the one on North Ave.), so instead I walked over to State to get the #36 ... which didn't come for 15 minutes ... which I took up to North, and waited for the #72 ... which didn't come for a half an hour (and then, naturally, there were 3 all at once). And, of course, since I was initially walking over to the location 5 blocks away, I didn't bring a book, so I was going stir-crazy all the while. I finally get it home (already past 7pm) and start getting it set up but hit a snag with the activation part ... back to the AT&T help line, but this time there was a 20 minute "on hold" experience (while an endless stream of ad messages flew at me). Finally, I had the thing installed by 9pm and jumped back into bed for an hour before I had to get my act together for heading back to work.

Arrrgh! Plus, I find today that for some reason this has screwed up my account (yeah, I know, it shouldn't have anything to do with it) which I've been trying to deal with since I got home this morning. Not happy.

Anyway that over there ===> is Friday's The Job Stalker post (fortunately, the previously created links still are working!), which was last week's "link dump". Unlike the previous week I had a full set of them to share (and it's looking mighty thin for this week, dunno why except for having limited Twitter time), so do give that the clicky-clicky, OK?

Me, I gotta get to bed.

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